Diet Coke’s ‘Extraordinary 22’ Contest!


As you all know, Taylor is the new spokesperson for Diet Coke and they are currently one of the sponsors of her RED Tour. Diet Coke has launched an ‘Extraordinary 22’ contest for a chance to win tickets to see Taylor LIVE at one of the stops on the RED Tour.

Fans can send upload five pictures a day to the ‘Extraordinary 22‘ website. Each picture corresponds with a different lyric from Taylor’s smash hit song ’22.’ A new lyric is unlocked each week with a total of 5 lyrics over 5 weeks.

They include:

1) “Tonight’s the Night” (Unlocked)
2) “I’m Feeling 22” (Unlocked)
3) “Dress Up Like Hipsters” (Unlocked June 5, 2013)
4) “Fall in Love With Strangers” (Unlocked June 12, 2013)
5) “Dancing Like We’re 22” (Unlocked June 19, 2013)

Once your photo is posted it will appear in the collection on the website. Get to submitting Swifties — the more photos you enter the better your chances of winning!


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